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Have you recently placed a Stampin’ Up! order through my website and NOT receive a THANK YOU from me???

Or ordered from me to take advantage of a special or FREEBIE that I am offering and NOT received it?

When you set up your account on my website, you have the 
option to set it for NO CONTACT.  Some people have done this 
without realizing it and are now wondering why I never THANK YOU….
When your account is set to NO CONTACT, 
I have NO WAY to know that you ordered through me!  
And thus, can not THANK YOU or send you any of my offers….
including a FREE CATALOG that I send to my customer!

If you truly don’t
want me to THANK YOU, I totally respect that, however, if that is NOT
your intent, I’d like to first off apologize that you have not heard
from me, and secondly, show you how to change your account so that I can
contact you when you order!

I am currently ordering the NEW catalog to be shipped directly to all my customers who have ordered from me in the past year….
If your account is set to NO CONTACT, 
I will not be able to order you a catalog!

If you want to change this and update your account here are the simple steps to change your NO CONTACT status.

 Sign into your account and go to: 
MY ACCOUNT (top right~ above continue shopping)
Click on top tool bar where it says:

Scroll down and check YES box
(“Allow my Demonstrator to contact me with order updates and other important information “)

Don’t forget to click SAVE CHANGES 

If you go in and make these changes, please email me to let me know so that I am sure to get you on the list for a 

FREE Catalog!

I would love to be your Stampin Up Demonstrator