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Why we are no longer with Stampin’ Up? After 9 years of supporting Stampin’ Up we feel that our paths no long a line with their business ethics. We love our customer and want to offer good quality products at the best price. We also honor the hard work of other crafters and feel they have the right to enjoy the pay-off from their inventions. Keep reading and feel free to check out our resources.

  • Good quality products at a fair price. Stampin’ Up changed the design of their ink pads several years ago. Demonstrators have been expressing concerns about the quality since that time. A de-foaming chemical was added to the ink and the testing was not long enough to show what issues might arise. You may have ink pads in your craft room that appear to have mold on top of them. There maybe crystals forming, which creates areas of poor inking. Are some of your ink pads will not hold ink when your re-ink them? All of this is due to the de-foaming chemical added to the ink formula. To maintain the satisfaction of our customers; Cindy and I have been replacing this ink pad for a few years at our own expense. Stampin’ Up put out a notice saying the ink pads will only be guaranteed for a short period of time. This was starting to create a larger group of unhappy customers. To top things off Stampin’ Up decided to increase the price of their less than par ink pads and re-inkers. (As we are no longer demonstrators with Stampin’ Up, please call them for issues with their products.) This is one reason we are no longer with Stampin’ Up.

Why we are no longer with Stampin’ Up

  • Freedom to create with more than paper, stamps and ink. While we love stamping, we also love creating a wide variety of products, techniques and experimenting with different equipments. Stampin’ Up simple does not offer the opportunity to expand our creativity. Things like hot foiling, letterpress, true watercoloring, and scrapbooking. I mean, have you seen the hot foil techniques I recently did using 3D embossing folders? WOW! they were awesome. Just another reason we are no longer with Stampin’ Up.
You can find the Glimmer Hot Foil System sold here.

Why we are no longer with Stampin’ Up

  • Why we are no longer with Stampin’ Up? I believe in integrity and the respect of other crafters. I am sure by now you realize that Stampin’ Up is no longer selling the Stamparatus. That seemed like a really odd more to me so I started doing my own research. (You can too) Though this is not my idea of good reading, I learn a lot about the company I had been supporting for years. My Sweet Petunia sued Stampin’ Up for Patent Infringements of the Misti. At first I just did not see the similarity. With further reading it became very clear, that Stampin’ Up knew prior to introducing the Stamparatus that there were infringements issues. Tim Holtz was also sued, however within a year the two companies settled, and he removed his product from the US market. Stampin’ Up however, has fought with My Sweet Petunia for years. Each court appearance has ended with them being in direct violation of patent infringement laws. In November of 2022, the courts order them to take the Stamparatus off the market and pay a fine with numbers in the billions of dollars. Instead, they sold out their inventory and appealed for the 2nd time the court order.

Why I am no longer with Stampin’ Up?

While demonstrators and customers were only told there was a legal issue, we were not given the facts. Leaving us to think that My Sweet Petunia was the culprit in all this. True is Stampin’ Up is the company that was in the wrong. After reading the description of the patent, even this Stamparatus lover saw that Stampin’ Up is clearly in the wrong.

Why we are no longer with Stampin’ Up

  • Stampin’ Up as a business. As many of you know, I made Stampin’ Up a business. One that have supported my travels, paid my RV payments and some months even bought the groceries. However, when a company reduces their marketing and research to cut back cost, it concerns me about what is going to happen to my business. Along with the other issues mention above, I felt it was time to start moving in another direction for my own peace of mind and my need to serve my customers. The most recent catalog made the decision easy. There were very few new colors in the color revamp. Most were colors that had been in the line previously. Stamp set were made up of combining older stamp sets to create new ones. This meant that our customers were getting stamps they may already have in their craft room. I just did not feel good about doing this too crafters that have been supporting me. This is just a few of the reasons I am no longer with Stampin’ Up.

What NOW?

Come take a look at all the wonderful ways we are here to serve you! We now represent several great companies like:

  • Altenew
  • PinkFresh
  • Prima Marketing
  • Spellbinder
  • Creek Bank Creations
  • Photoplay
  • Honey Bee

We are doing techniques like hot foiling, using stencils and ink, letterpress, wax stamping, pop up cards and scrapbook album classes. Loving embellishing with spray inks, 3D flowers, journal cards and multi media products. Creating just got more fun!

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