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You just can back from purchasing a gift. When you get home you realized that you don’t have a gift bag. Want to learn how to make gift bags? If you have paper in your home, you can make a gift bag. I love using my pattern paper to make unique, fun and easy bags. This is my home made go to gift bag. No one ever know it was handmade.

It works for all occasion.

This gift bag is great for any occasion because you have total control over what the gift bag will look like. How to make a gift bag is as easy as cut, adhere and decorate. Enjoy this video and what how I make this bag.

How to Make a Gift Bags

What I did not show you is how I decorated the other 2 shown in my picture. That because is was so easy. Allow me to explain.

Add a few gems

I just love the Pearlized enamel effects. They are easy to use and you can put them on anything. Or you can put anything on them. Let me explain. On this bag I first put the pearlized enamel effects on then I dropped a few of the For Everything Fancy Sequins. Then I added a few more around the handle.

Bag #1

Add ribbon and Pearlized Enamel Effects

I know sounds like I did the same thing twice. But I did not. They are only similar. I used the pattern paper to set the tone. It has all these branches so I add a few red balls to bring in added color. Quick simple but very pretty. The Pearlized Enamel effects all me to add a lot of color without spending a lot of money on gems. If you have not tried these pearlized enamel effects; I highly suggest you get some before they sell out.

Bag #2
More about the ribbon

In the video I showed you how to take 3 bows and layer then on top of each other, or at least very close. But in bag #2 I actually used 2 ribbons and then used the Silver Metallic mesh behind them. There are so many ways to embellish bags than I could never show you all of them in one video. So be sure to are part of my YouTube channel and my newsletter.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make gift bags. Be sure to come back again as I will be showing you more about boxes, bags and tags.

Happy Holidays