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Apple Harvest or is it? I am often told that I see things very different. Well, sometimes it is to my advantage. Is this stamp set just an apple or do you see what I see? This stamp set offers you som much more and a bushel of apples. Stick around and see what I am talking about.

Apple Harvest Stamp Set

In this picture, you see two apples. One is a red apple, the other a green. I see this all over the internet when others have demonstrated the Apple Harvest stamp set. We all use about the same colors, but for me this is the obvious.

Apple Harvest Stamp set

Now this is thinking outside the box. I see oranges and peaches, all made out of the same Apple Harvest or is it? With just a change of color, and a little imagination you can create all sorts of great things. So I am willing to bet you see this stamp set a little different. I know I do.

Enjoy this video showing you some of the colors I used.

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