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Now you can get the low down on how to use your rubber stamps with a bit of a twist. Let’s look at one I have been playing with recently. Wisteria Wishes stamp set is one of those stamps that can be turned up side down to go from Wisteria flowers to a forest of trees.

Wisteria Wishes Bundle, being used as the flowers they were designed to be. Want to see how this scrapbook page was make? Chick out this Video link
The same stamp can be used with a different color and reversed to create a great forest. How is that for a rubber stamp twist? Some might say it goes from flowers for her to a forest for him.

It is almost hard to believe they are the same stamp. Butt that just goes to show how versatile many stamps can be. Enjoy watching as I demonstrate this technique on making this card.

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Keep watching as we look at other ways a single stamp set can be used.

Rubber Stamp Twist

Some stamp sets are actually made to be used with a twist. One stamp set is the Waterfall Canyon Stamp set. Using these stamps are easy as well. Simple stamp the front of the stamp to create the image. Then use the back of the stamp to create an array of color for your project. I love using these stamps because they give you twice the stamp for your buck.

This picture of the stamp set shows what stamping the the front and back of the stamp will look like.

Stampin with a Twist is easy when the stamp set is made to be reversible. Using different shades or different colors ink will make your card pop.

All of these examples are stamping on paper. BUT what if I could show you a rubber stamp twist like using your stamps in the kitchen, or on a candle. You can learn how easy either of these twist can be when you sign up for my newsletter.

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Rubber Stamp Twist