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Stampin’ Up ink pad and Stampin Write Marker can be refilled. Don’t toss it, refill it. and before long you will be loving you ink pads even more than before. Using blending brushes use a lot of ink but the color is beautiful. In this video you will see how to use the blending brushes and how to re-ink the ink pads and your Stampin wright markers.

I love using a mask. They are easy to use and the Plenty of Pattern Decorative Mask are one of my favorites. The mermaid scales is the one I will be using in this design.

Don’t toss it Refill it

Let’s review a little about re-inking your ink pads.

  • Sometimes it looks like there are dark spots on your pads. There are the areas that you want to rub across in an effort remove these spots.
  • It also helps to remove any dried ink.
  • At this time you are ready to add the ink. I find that it is a good idea to add the ink in rows, leaving very little space between each row.
  • I like to use a spoon, plastic or metal to spread the ink evenly around the pad.
  • Test the pad to see if it has enough ink on it or if it is even.

In the video we also talked about re-inked the Stamp in Write Marker. You will hear me say all the time, not to put pressure on the tips. It is really important with the Stampin Write Markers. here are the tips to remember:

  • It is time to re-ink the marker, when the tip starts to fade.
  • Gently pull out the tip and lay it on a paper towel or crafting rag.
  • With a light squeeze, drop a few drops of ink in the top where you removed the tip.
  • Allow the ink to absorb before adding more.
  • If a bubble forms, tap the marker on the table, the add a little more ink.
  • Do not over fill.
  • Replace the tip, and lay the marker on it’s side.

You will enjoy using your ink pads and Stampin Write Markers for a long time.

One more really important tip: Always order refills with your ink pad. It’s the best $3.25 you will every spend.

I love blending and it is my hope that you will love it as much as I do. A new membership in the near future that will be shipped with PDF and tutorials on how to do techniques, from what paper to cut and what size to cut it. I will also be teaching you fancy folds with video, written direction in all learning styles. Keep watching so you will not miss the fun.

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