WOW time can fly! And I just watched it roll on by as I relaxed and enjoy nature.

While on vacation is was a good feeling, relaxing, laughing and enjoying family time. And yes it is true.

As I wake up the first morning, still in bed, the sunrise takes my breath. Our room has floor to ceiling windows on the 28th floor. No reason to get up. Camera in hand.

But now we are on the other side; and be patience as on we are catching up on a huge to do list. Yea, all good things come to an end and on the flight home; things started coming to mind that we had missed or needed to do. Wheels down at 12:15am and we are off to rest from the jet lag.

One of my favorites. Quiet Meadow bundle is on sale through March 30th.

WOW Time Can Fly.

Just a few sites from San Diego Zoo and Safari. This snake slivered to the front glass while I was talking to him. Once I stopped, he turned around and left. Guess he wanted treats.

Just a few of the hundred photos taken from our day at the zoo. When Alyse was 5 years old, she sat next to the gorilla window. One came over and sat down close to her. That picture has always been special to me. So when this gorilla, came to sit close the her, my camera and I went crazy. Looks like she might have the gift of gab too. LAUGH OUT LOUD

I will not bore you with all our pictures, but do want to say, “Nature has always been close to my heart. Seeing it so close was amazing.”

Whale watching for this trip was a total bust. Not even a peak of one in site. But it was a great boat ride on the America Schooner. All female staff. Those ladies were pulling in the lines, raised and lowered the sails. One even went up the crow’s nest looking for whale. They just were not around this time. But this ladies were on top of everything.

Until next time. Happy Crafting,