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Moving right along to step 5 organizing your craft room. Do you every put something in a drawer and then months later you are looking all over the room for it. Been there done that! The key to organization is to be able to find in the next time you need to know where you put it. So one of the important steps to organizing your craft room is labeling.

Some times labeling starts off with a posted note. There have been times when the face of my cabinets have looked like a who’s who’s board. And I have also put posted notes on the wall of things I need to locate a home for during my reorganization. After you have designated the object home, put a label on it. I must be honest, I still have posted notes on some cabinets, but that will be changing really soon.

Sometimes it is hard to know, do I want to organize by color, holiday, design or most used.

Has it occurs to you that you really should organize based on what the items is used as. Of course organizing paper by color would make perfect sense to me. But someone else might want all the flowers together, all the Christmas colors together and etc. Card stock can need some decision time. Do you want the 12″ x 12″ together or mixed with the 8 1/2″ x 11″? What about those scraps? Where should they be and what will work to keep them in a place you will use them. As all of these things are important, you can see that is all comes down to what works for you. Create your craft room based on your likes and dislikes.

Remember: This is your craft room, not your best friends.

Step 5 Organizing your craft room

I think we can all agree, Crafting supplies are not cheap! Allow me to share a few suggestion on being sure they do not end up in the trash.

  • Putting scraps with your full size sheets will more than likely remind you to use them. Scraps often get tossed in a drawer, and years down the line tossed in the trash. So it is important when you are putting away your scrap pieces of paper, that you think about how often you will go to that spot when you need paper.
  • Ribbon, will often end up in a zip lock bag and later it starts to get on your nerves and you toss it in the trash. Or it gets all tangled up and you just do not have the patience to untangle it. Look out trash, here it comes. May I suggestion leaving it on the roll. We chatted about ribbon before. Go back to Step 3 to get more ideas for organizing ribbon and embellishments. Also check out some of the storage systems around as well. StampNStorage
  • The tools you use most. Take your time and collect all the tools you use every time you craft. Now a few things to consider is:
    • How often do you pack up these tools to go to a crop, or to a friend house to craft?
    • Do you move around your craft room or have you created a set place to craft?
    • Would it serve you better to keep them in a drawer vs on top of your desk?
    • What size are most of your tools?
    • How do you plan to store the ones that are sharp, or have cutting edges?
    • What about the electric tools? Do they need to be stationary? or on a rolling cart?

As you can see, there is going to be some planning involved in designing your perfect craft room. What works for your friends may not work for you.

Till next time!

Happy Crafting


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