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Alright! so we have our craft room purging done? Right? Here is number 2 of 10 ways to organize your craft room. As each step is very important to get the best results, I am willing to bet you have thought about this one a 100 times.

Last thoughts, before we move on:

  • Did you remember to write with ever marker you plan to keep? Did not work–Toss
  • Check the paints and glue; are they all dried up? Toss
  • Broken tools? You have not repaired them in a year? Toss
  • It has been years since you used the boxes of fabric. Hand them over to someone that will use them.
  • Supplies for hobbies you never started or have lost interest in? For me that is knitting, sewing and needlepoint. Time to more them out.
One Down 9 to Go

Have not done the first step? I recommend you go here. Yep it is that important.

Number 2 of 10 ways to organize your craft room

Planning out your craft room can be a lot of fun. It involves making decisions on your main craft area or desk, room layout, lighting, and more. As you step back and look at your space, think about a layout that works best for you.

A few things to ask yourself

  • Do you like your current setup?
  • Have you set your budget?
  • Does something need to change to make your room more efficient? Now is the time to evaluate your space and think about what’s working and what isn’t. 
  • Do I enjoy crafting sitting down or standing?
  • What type of chair fits my needs?
  • Is there natural light in the room, or do I need to improve lighting?
  • Which supplies do I want available for quick access? (with in arms reach)
  • Do I prefer to keep my supplies visible or hidden in cabinets and drawers?
  • Is my storage a long-term solution or a quick fix?
  • Does my storage keep my supplies organized as I craft?
  • Do I need different stations for cutting and assembling projects?
  • What large machines do I have like the Cricut®, Stampin Cut & Emboss, Scan NC ut®, and printers in my space?
  • Is there storage you want to keep, like you Stamp-n-Storage

2 of 10 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Drawing out your floor space on a grid sheet is not only a good idea but smart. However, don’t stop there. Go in your room with blue painters tape and mark it out. You might be surprised what comes to light. A crafting desk by the window in theory may sound great, but if you loose too much space on either side, it might not be worth it.

 Organization is a journey,

so expect to make

adjustments as you go.

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