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Out the Door Stampin’ Up. Stampin’ Up like you have never seen it before. I am not the traditional scrapbooker, so I do not always use traditional supplies. Today we are going to see what I call a Vision Scrapbook. No matter what kind of products I am using, I seldom, remember what I was thinking of when I first saw a new product. And those are some of my best creations. When I am crafting and look through a new catalog for the first time. I write:

  • First impression.
  • What colors will look good with this product? Even when I am looking at a stamp set; I am thinking of what colors will complaint the stamp?
  • Will this be something I will use more than once? Will it be more for cards or scrapbook pages? Does it remind me of something special in my life?
  • Where does it fall on my MUST HAVE list?
  • What can I create different with this item?
I loving putting my ideas in one place. And a creative cover helps start the creative juices flowing.
Here I wanted to remember laying these snowflakes.

So often, I make something that I really love. But when I give it away, I only have a picture and sometimes that is not what I need. Example: I might look at this one and miss that these snowflakes are made with both Silver Foil and Gray Granite card stock. Then it could also be hard to tell if I made it with Real Red Foil or Real Red Card stock.

coloring Peace Cabin stamp set, card and scrapbooking with Peaceful Cabin,
Now what color green did I use in this card?

Out the Door Stampin’ Up

I also have another way of remembering what I have used in making some of my cards, scrapbook pages and crafting projects. After all my project book is not going to help you; Right? So I have created a way to let you in on all my crafting secrets and away to for you to know what products, colors and tools I used. I now have a tutorial membership that will allow you to chose the series of cards you want. New series are added twice a month, and I keep a variety of styles and themes in the course. These tutorials are never deleted, so if you see one from 2 months ago that you like, it will be there for you to choose next month. Listen to this video to learn more.

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As a member you will receive these monthly benefits:

  • Each month you will choose one (1) themed series of 4 instructions to make cards with products in your craft room. 
  • Some instructions will also come with a Bonus YouTube Video not available to the public.
  • This series is made with one stamp set or stamp set and dies.  Better still with products you have in your craft room.
  • You will love crafting month to month with a new tutorial series of your choice.
Craft Fairy from Paper Crafts by Elaine,
Craft Fairy from Paper Crafts by Elaine,
Craft Fairy from Paper Crafts by Elaine,

Out the Door Stampin\' Up