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Stella will color you fancy with a little glitter. You are going to fall in love with only purchasing one pin. Have you thought of the money you will save only purchasing one Clear Wink of Stella. She is the best wink of Christmas, with all her glitter and shine. Oh, you don’t know how to add color to your Wink of Stella? Do you know you can refill your Wink of Stella? Oh I have so much to share. Are you ready to learn a boat load of great tricks?

Here are a few tips and tricks you are going to want to know:

  • When you order Wink of Stella, ask for clear.
  • Once it has arrived, remove the black ring that comes around the Wink of Stella. (See figure 1.)
  • You will have hours of fun adding glitter to so many things.
  • How you say? Start by keeping it clear. A small squeeze to the top will start the flow of glitter.
  • Add some great color by touching the tip of your brush to the corner of an ink pad.
  • Or you might enjoy adding color with an ink refill. It only takes a drop to add bright colors to your cards.
  • After hours of fun, you might think it is all dried up. But now is my first big tip: remove the top and the black insert. This tube is full of glitter, by adding 91% rubbing alcohol to the base, you add new life to your Wink of Stella.
  • The great news is you can do this a couple of times.

Wink of Christmas and watch me play with my Wink of Stella

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Wink Of Christmas