When was the last time you looked in your craft room and said, “WOW what can I do with all these cards.” I love making them, but I need to do more than just let them pile up in the house.

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Stampin’ Up Bamboo Beauty is perfect for #simplystamping.

Ways to stop growing pile of cards:

  • Purchase a book or roll of stamps. Most of the time we don’t mail cards because there are no stamps on hand. that is easy to correct. 
  • Sit down and address envelops of every one that comes to your mind. Brainstorm about who you want to send a smile card to this month. 
  • FB gives you a list of upcoming Birthdays. Birthdays cards are cards makers number one card to create. Use them. I love getting birthday cards in the mail.. PSS my birthday is in June…LOL
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Loving this Peaceful Cabin stamp set from our Mini Holiday catalog

What can I do with all these cards?

  • Don’t have their address, Create and start an address book. You will be so glad you did. One day someone is going to get married, have a baby, retire, graduate from high school/college, everyone has a birthday and Christmas come around every year. Now you have their addresses in one place.
  • “I don’t have time.”  Do you watch TV? Every night? An easy time to get those cards ready to mail. And you are still in the room with your husband as he hollers at the ballgame. HEHE
  • Pick a day of  week that you are going to mail a card to someone. Then do it. Like mail a Smile Card every Monday or Thursday send a over the hump card. Friday, Yea we made it to the weekend.
  • They are great gifts. Share your love and card making abilities as a gift. Simple pull together 4-6 cards, wrap them in a ribbon and you have a $25 to $30 gift. And your reception doesn’t have to spend $8 on a card at HallMark to mail you one back. 

Now Christmas is just around the corner. Put together a few sets for the teachers, neighbors, the lady that watches your children and of course anyone you know that is a shut in. They need your cards more than anyone. In fact before you tie that bow, and stamps.

But are you just bored with making cards? Let’s make something else. MMM let me think?

I am thinking Recipe Cards. Ones that will make me love looking at all the fun I have cooking for the family. But recipe cards need a book. mmm

The Ultimate Cookbook

I have just the solution. Come join me on Nov 9th, 2021 as I will be holding my second Ultimate Cookbook Class. You will love all the design, die cuts, tips and tricks, the important cookbook references, etc.

 What’s This?

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Also be sure to include your birthday, we sent out birthday cards to everyone on the list. Everyone enjoys getting a Birthday card in the mail.

Looking forward to crafting with you soon,


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Also be sure to include your birthday, we sent out birthday cards to everyone on the list. Everyone enjoys getting a Birthday card in the mail.

What can I do with all these cards?