Stampin’ Up Dies and home decor FuN!! Every year right about now I start fretting about what I want to add to my home new for Christmas. See, I love something different every year, and my budget hates me for it. LOL!! So over the years I have learn to redo the things I have in my Christmas stash. That includes my craft room stash. I save money, (so Wiley is happy), my holiday decor is always fresh and new, (now I am happy) and I do not spend a ton of money. WIN!

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Now that my home is happy, let’s see what I can do to help you come up with some great ideas for your home too. First, let’s get started with the basic. There are a few things you are going to need to start to get started with making these changes year after year. I like to chose the basic as items I can use year around. So they don’t look like Christmas until I say they are going to look like Christmas.

  • My magnetic 12 x 12 picture frame. This frame is in my home somewhere year round. Never in the same place. In fact I have more than one. One is white and the other is black. Here is what it looked like during the spring. You might remember seeing it.
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Here it was last Spring.

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A magnetic kit that can be changed for any holiday or season. And it is not just for one time use. But for year round decor.

Stampin’ Up Dies and Home Decor FuN

Magnetic Frames are $21 plus shipping.

  • The next basic is a Cut & Emboss Machine with a variety of dies. Oh come on! you have all sorts of dies in your crafting room. We just need to pick out the ones that fit a season, or two, or three. Let’s look at a few basic you will want to have on hand.
  • 1- Playful Alphabets: Now you can put any wording you want on your decor. And best of all you die cut with foam adhesive behind each letter, giving you the extra lift you will love. 2- It is also worth investing in the Word Wishes dies. This one has holidays written in a beautiful font. Making it easy to use as well as adding a different look. 3- With letter and wording out of the way, start looking for things you enjoy. Like your favorite flowers, nautical pieces, borders, and of course birthday pieces. Now you are on your way to a great selection of home decor.
  • You can use so much more than just paper. Watch for cloth, trinkets, shells, even keys and pictures. All of these items can be put in your magnetic frame to add a different look every time you change the decor.
  • Now let’s not forget the kitchen. Enjoy using each of the squares for something different. Like on for the children’s chores, menus, or important reminders. This one might change weekly, so add fun paper to keep it exciting.

Stampin’ Up Dies and Home Decor FuN

Stampin\' Up Dies and Home Decor FuN