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I’m I the only one that has recipes everywhere. A few on the internet, one in this cook book, on my phone, and in a recipe box.  Sometimes I look through all of these for one recipe I need to prepare supper. Well I want a cookbook built for me. One that has recipes in my mother and grandmother’s handwriting. One with my favorite recipes, one that I can pass on to my daughter and granddaughters. My solution: build my own cookbook.

Better still; I am offering you the opportunity to build your own cookbook with a great kit. What do you need to do:

  • Start putting your favorite recipes in one place.
  • Sign up for my cookbook project
  • Watch for the Craft Fairy to bring your kit.
  • Join me on Oct 30th at 11am EST to enjoy crafting your own cookbook

So what is going to be in your cookbook kit:

A Cookbook built for ME

I also have so great news if you are concern about your level of crafting. This kit is custom to your level of crafting. No trimmer, no problem. For new crafters we will cut and score your inside pages. When you register you will be asked questions about your level of crafting, and we will send you a kit build to your needs.

Our goal is to help you create memories, put all those recipes you love together and enjoy cooking again. We have even invited my friend Michelle Womack to join us. She is the owner of Homemade Memories and specializes in making family meals fun again. Michelle will be bring in:

  • kitchen conversions
  • how long your food will stay fresh in the freezer
  • how long to thaw out your turkey
  • recipes using every day products you will have in your kitchen
Enjoy embellishing your cookbook with ready made products. Register today

I will be adding some of these pictures to my cookbook. In fact it was while I was creating these scrapbook layouts that I knew I want to pass down our family recipes.

Cooking with the grandchildren start when they are young.

Don’t forget the little man likes to cook too.

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Thank you for coming by,


A Cookbook built for ME