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How to Stop Crafters Block? It happens to all of us. Some times it is not a block at all but lack of time to create. I have a solution! One think I can not do, is give you more time, or maybe I can?

How to Stop Crafters Block?,
How to Stop Crafters Block? I have your solution!

Sometimes crafter block is created by lack of time. You sit down at your crafting table, to craft for the day. But you have not had any inspiration on what you want to craft. Wonder how it would go if you had a few ideas, with instructions, right at your fingertips? Hmmm

Other times it is mind blowing when you see something you love, but have no idea how it was made. Then you spend all day trying to figure it out. After a full day of crafting you end up with only one card. And well, it’s okay. What if the directions were right on your computer without needing to hunt for them all day. Hmmmm

OR you started as a Stampin’ Up demonstrator during COVID. And turns out you love it. Holding classes with all your friends was the highlight of your month. Now you have gone back to work, and just do not have time to create, prep, or type out the instructions for class. I have a solution for that too. Hmmm

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Just having a little fun with friends. Which is a major part of crafting fun.

Oh Yea! Back to the solution for stopping crafters block. I have developed a membership that will solve the problem of not having not having any ideas, not being sure how to do something and allow you to hold a card class without all the work.

How to Stop Crafters Block

I have developed a membership that takes care of each of these issues. It’s a membership of tutorials and PDFs that have full instructions, and video for techniques. Let me explain.

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One Example crafting you can do. Learn more

A tutorials will give you:

  • a list of materials you will need, including colors, and embellishments
  • the size you need to cut each piece of card stock or designer series paper
  • technique instruction and a video the make it easy
  • pictures for easy to see results
  • how to color, blend and even remove extra ink
  • plus a PDF you can print and give to your class. Please remember to leave my watermark in place. After all it is the right thing to do.

A tutorial session like this would normally run about $30 a month. But I am just getting started. However I have worked out most of the beginners bugs. And for a limited time I am going to continue the low price of $9.99. But do not wait. The price of $9.99 is a Founding Members price. It will go away soon. So come by and check out all the details and sign up today. Learn more Here

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Meet Tisa, a friend of mine that I run into at a crafting fair.

Friends are the best part of crafting, and I look forward to you as my next new friends. Send me a Picture of you and your friends. I would love to add it to our blog. Email to me

How to Stop Crafters Block