This is the June Paper Pumpkin Alternatives Part 2. Why you ask? Because these cards are so awesome, I want you to get the see them up close. As you may know I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, and my partner, BFF and chosen sister. She did a FANTASTIC video, but the cards are so great I wanted to show each one special.

It is impossible for me to even pick out my favorite. So let’s just put them on the table and pick one. (The democratic way to handle this). LOL.

How awesome is this. “Thanks” A great Paper Pumpkin Alternative

I totally love how beautiful she made the vellum flower into a beautiful colored card. A simple and easy technique that just makes the card special. Cindy used, Evening Everygreen, Magenta Maddness, Highland Heather, to add extra color. Simple flip it over and color the back. Easy.. Peazy! I also love the bling. Now you see why you need to see these cards up close.

Straight from the box. This is the piece Cindy showed you straight from the box.

Starting out with great products and beautiful pieces, starts you off on the right foot. Paper Pumper kits give you those products.

Making the envelope special just makes the card even better.

Totally love embellishing the envelopes

I loved the way Kathy Bothwell said it, “Love them all, the gold embossed on evergreen card is my fave. Great job on all cards

But you are aware you can get a great Paper Pumpkin every month. But these are the great things about the Paper Pumpkin above and beyond the great products:

Paper Pumpkin little unknown facts:

  • Going on vacation? You can skip a month. (Or have a friend pick it up from the mailbox. Just be careful they don’t fall in love with it.)
  • Want more then one. Maybe the grandchildren are coming and you want to share your Paper Pumpkin. You can just add an extra one, for just that month.
  • Gotten behind on making your Paper Pumpkin. Invite a friend or two over, enjoy crafting together. I actually get extras to carry on trips, so I never go through crafting withdrawals. (There is such a thing!) Bonus: take them on a retreat. EASY packing, Great Projects and Fun! BONUS and Wins
  • Need a Birthday gift? Send your friends a Paper Pumpkin. They will love getting their first crafting kit in a box.
  • So your pre-teen is having a birthday party and you need to come up with activities. You can order refills, or purchase extras for the month.
  • Great for boys and girls. Just pick out the Paper Pumpkin and refills if you need it.

Here is where to order your Paper Pumpkin.

July Paper Pumpkin, July 2021 Alternative Paper Pumpkin,
Order July 2021 Paper Pumpkin. Then join me on July 25th to see the alternatives made for you.

June Paper Pumpkin Alternative Part 2

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Sorry, my picture is blurred, because this card is the best use of material in the June Paper Pumpkin Kit.
Sorry, my picture is blurred, because this card is the best use of material in the June Paper Pumpkin Alternative Kit.
Gilding!! It is so awesome! Easy and will make your cards jump off the excitement. Cindy add this great touch to the June Paper Pumpkin Alternative samples. Here are the instructions for gilding>
How to do gilding?

June Paper Pumpkin Alternative Part 2

I just love all of these cards. Be sure to check out the whole video for the June Paper Pumpkin Alternative 2021. You are going to love them too. Plus as a bonus, Cindy will be stamping a sample card for you as well. Check it out!!
June Paper Pumpkin Alternative Part 2 video by Cindy Lubbe.
Even the June 2021 Paper Pumpkin Alternative box is beautiful.

June Paper Pumpkin Alternative Part 2