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Crafting From an RV

I love traveling and crafting; and in my case crafting from an RV is the best and most fun ever. I hear you when you say, “I need a bigger craft room,” but when it comes to living in an RV, I will make the small space into a big crafting area. Here are a few tricks that work for creating a craft room for those rainy days.

1- Make the most out of small spaces. Motorhomes and RV have several small spaces, cabinets and drawers, I like to call them nooks and crannies. Take a look around your travel trailer and see if there are any unused drawers or skinny cabinets not being utilized. Some of those odd nooks and crannies can serve as an excellent storage space for your craft supplies.

Here are a few suggestion on things to look into. We have a booth style dinette table. Under the seating area is a great place to store crafting supplies. (more on this later). Some only put drawers under one side and it seldom does not go all the way to the back. I took the front off the second side and added hinges. Then I slid a storage tray inside. We will take more about what to put in the tray. Another great spot that is often good for craft supplies is over the drivers are in a Class A or Class C. Also check to see what is under the bed. These are all spots that are often hollow, but easy to make into storage space.

If you can’t find any empty spaces, this could be an opportunity to reorganize. You’ll be surprised how much space you gain from just rearranging things and de-cluttering. Also, consider do you really need 6 blankets!

Crafting From an RV

2- Creating a craft try. After getting a few measurements, I located a black tray that acts as a storage/craft tray. It is skinny and long, so it fits perfect under the seat of the dinette table. On the second side, (where the draw only goes half way back), I removed the back of the drawer. This allowed me to add new longer sides and place divided boxes inside. To keep your crafting items together, it’s a good idea to have them in a container or box rather than just throwing them in a drawer. The Creative Crate from Stampin N Storage, is an excellent option for organizing stamps, dies, and embossing folders. It will help solve your organizational dilemmas, allowing you to organize various projects and supplies all in one small space.

3- Choose a Portable and Lightweight Marker Storage Solution. I love the Stampin’ Blend Storage by Stampin’ Up for my alcohol markers. I can stack them or sit them side by side. Once they are set to fit, I placed a decorative duct tape around them to keep they together. For me, this makes it easy to keep them stored in the proper position, and easy to take in and out of the RV/camper.

4- Simple storage for crafting paper. I have found a cheap and easy way to store my crafting paper. When I use magazine file folder, I can adjust the the size to fit a small narrow shelf. This is great for 8.5 x 11, and when you cut out the front, even 12 x 12 pattern paper will fit. Next, I keep a stash of paper in my RV all the time. I seldom take card stock out, so there is little chance of me not having the color I need. Another tip is to keep it tight, so that is does not warp.

Also add more color to my RV/camper

Crafting From An RV or in your craft room.

5- Magnet Cards for Dies. A must in your craft room and in your RV/camper. I love to my Stampin’ Up dies and the awesome plastic case they come in. Keeps the together and each to find. Placing then in a crate will make them easy to move from place to place. I like using a plastic been, as wood takes up too much space.

Use the size magnet card that fix you dies best.

6- Ink pads. I found this the most difficult to store in my RV/camper. Round storage is the easiest to use, but takes up the most space. And open front, creates the risk of them sliding out during travel. My solution is to place them in a crate and store them on their side when traveling. Once I see that raining day is going to keep me inside, it is easy to take them out and side the up right.

I also tried using spots, but then found it necessary to carry my ink refills. But if this is your ink pad of choice when traveling; be sure to store your refills in a carrying case similar to this one: Alcohol Ink Storage Carrying Case. As for the ink spots themselves, they do best stored in Paper Pumpkin boxes. I turn them inside out, so I can. mark what colors are inside. These fit nicely in small spaces.

Crafting from an RV

Crafting and camping is my passion. And taking my teenage grandchildren with me just enriches the trip. But I have a few tips for that too.

1- They out grow your shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Adds 6 extra bottles to the shower floor. (3 per teenage). Oh But they smelll so Good

Your shower when you travel with teens.
Alyse, traveling with grandma in the RV.

2- You will loose your crafting table, as it will be changed into a bed. (They are too old to sleep together now)

3- Carry a screen in tent and a folding 6″ table. Boom back to crafting.

Crafting inside the tent.

4- No such thing as taking a shower in private. But I just LOVE my life!

Forget having a moment of privacy

Laugh out Loud. All the fun of camping.

Happy Crafting


Crafting from an RV