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Come Back Retreat presented by Scrap Your Heart Out will resume Sept 10, 11, 12, 2021. Come and enjoy the best retreat on the East Coast. We have been doing retreats for 4 years, but last year COVID-19 put the brakes on the joy that comes from having a great time crafting with friends.

We are not your ordinary, kind of retreat. Why? Well when COVID hit; like most we rescheduled our planned retreat. Then when COVID was still very active on the rescheduled date, we took a long hard look at what to do next. It was that day, that Cindy Lubbe and myself, wrote over $4000. in checks; refunded everyone their money. While other retreats were keeping your money, we at Paper Crafts By Elaine, refunded every penny that was paid. We say that the deposit $$$ was non-refunded. However, we decided it should go back to our customers.

As people started getting their refund checks, we started getting letters. We learn that some of our crafts had lost their jobs. Others had been forced to stop crafting because they just did not have the money. It was just before Christmas, but most of the card we received were “Thank you” cards. Thanking us for boosting their holiday, or for being willing to not keep any portion of the money.

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Pictures from our previous retreats.

  • Scrap Your Heart Out Retreat Fall 2019
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We have been having fun crafting with friends at several retreats. And the pictures are just too many to show. IF you want to have a great time crafting: I recommend signing up ASAP. We always fill up. Sign up here-

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Come Back Retreat