May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Alternatives and this is just a few of the cards created with the Batter Up Paper Pumpkin. I love these colors and you will to. I know when Stampin’ Up announced the Batter Up kit, I was not too happy with the thought of making a group of baseball greeting cards. In fact I almost cancelled. I also know many of you did. Well it pays to have a creative box of crafting supplies and a little imagination. So let’s open that box and start creating.

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May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Alternatives is meant to make 9 cards. With just a few supplies additional supplies, we have made 12 cards and still have enough material for more. Best of all, not all of our cards are set toward baseball. You can use these greeting cards for Father’s Day, birthdays, thinking of you, congratulation and so much more.

Let’s take a look at all the cards made with this crafting kit in a box.

May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Alternatives
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And there are more:

Now next month, we are going to be getting another Paper Pumpkin to enjoy and create new designs with. But lets look at a sample of the June 2021 Paper Pumpkin.

Order June Paper Pumpkin then come play with me on June 25th as we create alternatives greeting cards.

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Happy Crafting