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5 Reasons your father needs a special day, we just 5 of hundreds. In todays world it is tough being a father. I know as women we are always taking about how hard it is to be a mother, wife, sister and daughter. But men have a whole set of challenges on their own.

#1 Allocating limited time across all of his roles.

Like moms, then too have a gamet of roles. In a world where his role is not very well defined he ends up trying to do too much. So as wives, daughters and sisters, what can we do to let him know how much we appreciate him?

  • A little something special in his coat pocket.
  • Or a special note in his car/truck seat.
  • Maybe even a card on his pillow.

I like this idea for the fathers in our lives.

#2 Not enough time each day

As a women, I think I have said this a thousand times. So what would make me think, they have more time than I do. He works, plays golf, goes out for a drink with the guys. Oh wait! Never mind. Our men really do have busy schedules. They are a huge part of our lives, and love us like no other. Let’s do something nice for him.

A Special Note card can change a bad day into something Handsomely Suited.

I just love this 3″ x3″ card for saying “Thank You”. Putting it out for no special reason, just because. Handsomely Suited Bundle make this note card easy.

#3 Setting the right example

It is not enough to say do this or do that! Our fathers are the example for our upcoming young men and women. It takes so much more to be the example. Yes this is still true for our mothers too. But God said that man will be the head of the house. So it is our love for these men that keeps them accountable.

Handsomely Suited Bundle shows how handsome any card can be.

Hang in there because the inside is different and awesome. On the inside I have open the card, so that it is hinged at the bottom. Making it possible to pull a gift card from the top or place it inside the additional card. Just love the way it is different.

#4 Leadership

Most of the issues dad’s face end up being a problem in leadership. Maybe he was not given a great example of leadership from his dad. But, God still calls HIM to lead in the role of a husband and father. 

As their wives, daughter and mothers we can support them by filling their love tanks with small gifts of kindness. These gift do not need to be expensive, just let him know he is loved and appreciated.

#5 Communication

This is a biggie for all humans. Communication is the single most important for of being able to get along with each other. Cards and hugs often bring back the ability for us to listen and allow them to talk.

5 Reasons Your Father Needs a Special Day

To sum it all up! Every father needs a special day. This Father’s Day give him a cards with you words of love written inside. And when he is 90 years old, don’t be surprised if it is in the drawer by his bed.

Let’s get started making that WOW card with our Handsomely Suited bundle for any man in our lives.

As I was starting to just cut the shapes it was the lapel die that kept my attention. Using, just the lapel die, I was able to create this starburst card. I was actually, surprised at just how easy it was to make.

I cut 2 lapels from 4 different colors. In this case, I used Mist Moonlit, Just Jade, Merry Merlot, and Gray Granite card stock.
The lapel shapes were cut in half and arranged with alternating colors to create a starburst.

A few tips:

  • Note that all the lapels are facing in the same directions.
  • Also notice that the center are in close proximity but not perfectly aligned.
  • It is important to be sure the top of the lapel is not on the white of your card. This Basic White card is 4″ x 5 1/4″
  • I trimmed the overlap with off by hand. I am sure you can use your trimmer. (But it was in the drawer, and I was not at my desk. LOL)

I used the Everyday Label punch for the saying on the front. By punching it twice, once in the Blackberry Bliss and again in the Basic White, I was able to double layer the label. I cut the Blackberry Bliss in half and open it up in the back giving me the double image look.

5 Reasons Your Father Needs a Special Day

See how other cards were made in the post:

Well, this has been a long post. I do hope you have found value in our conversation about Dads.

Happy Crafting


The information for this article on Fathers was found at https://manhoodjourney.org/fatherhood-challenges/

Author Ryan Sanders

5 Reasons Your Father Needs a Special Day