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Welcoming Windows in Italy Scrapbook Pages was a lot of fun to create. Do you know what it is like to have all these fantastic pictures in a box? Yuck! I mean I’m a scrapbooker, why do I have a box full of pictures? Because I am just like you! Life gets in the way. It happens even when you love crafting. So like you have have way too many projects started, left unfinished. 

Enough about that! Let’s just in and see this scrapbook page come to life.

This was the best trip ever. I would say that it was a dream come true. But the truth is; I never dreamed I would be able to travel to such a beautiful place. Greece and Italy were so far out of my dreams, for me to look back now and know that I was there, walked the streets and loved every second.

Welcoming Windows in Italy Scrapbook Pages

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Beautiful outside seating seen while riding in a gondola. Simple flowers in a pot to the side of the pictures adds to the beautiful without distorting the picture.

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Page 2 of 2 in traveling scrapbook pages. Using the Welcoming Window Bundle making the shelves with flowers part of this great layout.


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So how did this happen for me?  I was sitting at OnStage, when someone from Stampin’ Up announced the next incentive trip was going to be the Greek Islet. I almost fell out of my chair. But I knew that no matter what I had to do, I was going to be on this trip. For one solid year, I kept my now dream to go to Greece and Italy in front of me. My computer screen, in my dressing closet, and in my calendar was a tracker. I bet I wrote out a 100 different ways, I could qualify for this trip.  Bottom line, this trip happen because I set my goal, worked my plan and made it happen.


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Welcoming Windows in Italy Scrapbook Pages

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Using my Stampin’ Up supplies; I have add to my scrapbook page. The welcoming window bundle looks like another picture added to the page. Playful alphabet on foam adhesive sheets add the pop I needed for the title.

Let’s take a look at the supplies used to create this scrapbook page:

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Welcoming Windows in Italy Scrapbook Pages