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Bella and I are hanging out at the beach. She is watching for her Daddy, to come home.

I remember when I first started using alcohol markers. Skin tones was my worst nightmare.  After taking 3 classes on how to color skin tones, I vowed to never color people again.

So when Stampin’ Up came out with Stampin’ Blends, I just laughed.

No way am I doing skin tones. But you know me, I had to test the water and try the   Ivory and Bronze Stampin’ Blends.

After trying them it was a ‘shut the front door, sorta moment.’ I could not believe how easy it was to make skin look so real.

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A Good Man stamp set. These skin tones are colored on acetate. (Window Sheets) Remember your alcohol markers will color on so much more than paper.

Are you wondering why I have started with skin tones colored on acetate? Because I want to show you that you can

use your alcohol markers on other textures than paper. Here are a few:

How to use stampin blends, how to color skin tones, easy ways to color skin tones

Coloring skin tones of two people side by side. Adult and children skin tones are different, but Stampin Blends make it easier.

These skin tones are an adult and child. Now look at your hands then look at

a child’s hands. There skin is pinker, smoother and softer. While the adult will

have a warmer tone, with imperfection, and rougher looking. Now look closer

at the card to the right.

How to color skin tones with Stampin Blends


Treasures of Life Stamp Set

Now what kind of mother/grandmother would I be if I did not show off Treasure of Life Stamp set?

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Of course I have 4 boys, 1 girl. And I have 2 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. But I have a picture just like this of me with my 3 son. 

coloring skin tones, how to use alcohol markers, how to use stampin blends,

One for the baby girls. Coloring skin tones is really simple when you use Stampin Blends.


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How to color skin tones?