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Stampin’ Up on YouTube Videos — Why I am Different

I bet you hear that a lot. Watch me I am with Stampin’ Up on YouTube Videos — Why I am Different. In my case it is true. How often to you watch a YouTube video and no one is smiling, laughing or even enjoying themselves. Well none of those things have been said about me. I started doing videos because my friends were down, depressed and isolated. Yea it was a pandemic, but we still need to laugh and enjoy ourselves. 

Okay, so now I want you to answer a few questions.

  • When have you watched a Stampin’ Up video where a bus ran over someone? “LOOK out Cindy!”
  • How often have you been allowed to tell the presenter what to do? 
  • Have you laughed out loud while watching a Stampin’ Up video because it was so funny you could not hold back?
  • Well you need to watch on of my Stampin’ Up on YouTube Videos.

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Gina is not the only one that loves our classes. Sandi Eitel drops in almost every day to see what we are up too. 

Stampin' Up on YouTube videos can be fun, Stampin' Up Youtube videos,

This is just one of several comments on my YouTube Channel. I hope you will enjoy watching this one. It is one I have everyone talking about. 

I would love to have you enjoy the fun. Be sure to enjoy all the fun and subscribe to my channel. Then be sure to share my blog with a friend. 


Thank you for stopping by. Elaine

Stampin\' Up on YouTube Videos