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Keeping your trimmer in good condition will keep you cutting for a longer. Maintenance for your paper trimmer, is easy, it just takes a little effort. I like to call it a “Trimmer Tune Up”.  Over time they can get dirty, collect paper ‘fuzz’, adhesive and generally get to a point when they are not working at their best.  This happens with all trimmers, but because they are all a little different, they need different treatment. So let’s look at the Stampin’ Up! Trimmer.

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Maintenance for your trimmer will keep you cutting longer. Learn the best way to tune up your trimmer.

Maintenance for your Trimmer

The first thing to do is to, CAREFULLY, remove the arm. All you need to do is gently pull one end out of the notch/hinge. With this out you can start to give the base a clean. I like to run a few bits of card up and down the track to get all the paper ‘fuzz’ out, this will really help make your cuts crisp. If you wrap paper towel, that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol, around the point of your Take your Pick tool, then run it up and down the track, this will help get the last paper ‘fuzz’ bits out.

Dampen another piece with rubbing alcohol and give all of the surfaces a good clean. The alcohol will help to lift any adhesive off, so make sure you wipe the arm, the blades and the score blade also. Once everything has been wiped down and looks clean, you just have to reverse the process to put the trimmer back together. BUT, before you do, if you are one of those people who generally cuts either from top to bottom, or bottom to top, remember to turn your cutting blade round at least once a month. Remember they will cut in both directions. If you only cut in one direction, by turning it around you get the most from your Stampin Trimmer blades.

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Maintenance for your Trimmer