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Learning how to add gilding to scrapbook pages is both fun and beautiful. So often I hear people ask what gilding is, so let start there. Gilding is adding gold leaf sheets or flakes to a surface.  Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets by goldbeating. We will be using the flakes for GILDED LEAFING EMBELLISHMENT.

There are several ways to do gilding and you can do it with several different materials. The key is to use material that is sticky but not wet. Today I will be using Tear & Tape to do some edging on our scrapbook mats. . 

How to add gilding to scrapbook pages

Now how is that for easy? During the video, I gave you several tips. Let’s review some of those tips:

  • When using Tear & Tape, try not to handle the sticky part of the tape too much. Oils from your fingers will reduce the stickiness and cause the gilding not to stick.
  • Be sure to burnish the Tear & Tape before removing the top coat. This will adhere the tape so that you will have a smooth layer of gold leaf. 
  • It is best to keep your gold leaf in a oversized container.  Then, I can put my card stock in the container. This kind of room allow you to press the gold leaf to the Tear & Tape.
  • Notice I keep my card stock and hands over the container to reduce a mess. Then all I do is rub off the excess gold leaf. Now you are ready to put your beautiful project to good use. 

Let’s start our layout! I want to place a 5 x7 picture on this page. And I loved the gilding on the top and bottom of the mat. To enhance the gold leaf, I used gold foil card stock,  background die cut from the Forever and Always Dies in the bundle. How do you like the HEART CHARMS? Yea I know the ones for sale are silver, but I wanted mine to match my card stock. Stampin Blends are alcohol markers and will add color to so many materials, even these heart charms.   I simply tie the ribbon to the charm. A fun and easy tip.

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Gold leaf on a scrapbook page adds a beautiful touch. Putting it on it trick, so I have a few tips and tricks for gilding. (applying gold leaf).

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Page two of our scrapbook Valentine’s Day Layout. We are using gold leaf to add shine to this layout. Learn how to do gilding, video and tutorial.

How to add gilding to scrapbook pages