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A gift card from the Gift Wrapped Bundle, is a great way to give a gift card to anyone. So often, we see gift cards tucked in a pocket, that could be overlooked. But not with this great design. An original design by our very own Cindy Lubbe. A gift package wrap on the outside and a great gift card on the inside. Not to mention it pops up, when you open the card.

Let’s take a look at some of the products Cindy used to make these gift cards. 

Gift card on the Inside

Here is a second look at an alternative gift card card holder. I really love the way it pops up when you open the card. No risk of them not seeing it tucked away in a pocket. 

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Just loving this great bundle. Easy to use and we all know how much we love a punch. See the special card holder that pops up when you open the card.


So much more than just a tree! 

I couldn’t help myself. This beautiful Pear Tree, never bares fruit, but it is so much more than just a tree. I purchased it for our first wedding anniversary. It was funny, but the deer thought it was lunch. Wiley put up barriers around it to keep them away for more than a year. When we planned it I said, “May this tree grow with our love and marriage.” Wiley added, “And may it be a money tree one day.” We both laughed, and went in the house. 

Well, I never forgot what Wiley said. Five years later, I started Paper Crafts by Elaine. Wiley and I were sitting in the garage when I told him what I wanted to do. Being the supportive husband he is; Wiley looked at this tree and smiled. Today, as I was sitting in my craft room; all these memories came rushing to the front of my mind. I was over taken by its beauty, and could not help but smile as I made a deposit. Money tree or not, my business and our marriage have both grown and prospered.

I will never promise you that you will make a 6-figure living. But if you work at it, you can enjoy a new life. Crafting, loving and share the best times of your life. Join me today, and become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Plant your tree and watch it grow.

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Money tree or anniversary tree, we continue to grow,. Standing tall, though it all. 


Thank you for coming by;

Gift card on the Inside