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If I told you we were going to be playing with toilet paper and wild rose would you think I am crazy? Would you be interest in just what sorta crafting I am doing? Well this is what we are going to do. Make cards from toilet paper. 

Actually the technique is not hard and really does look great? In fact, it is easy enough a child could do it. Hint! Hint! Let’s start by looking at two of the cards. 

toilet paper fun, oops that's not my card, greeting cards, crafting fun and jokes.

Wait that is not my card. laugh out loud

Let’s try again!  Playing with toilet paper and Wild Rose

Watch this video to see me craft with toilet paper

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How beautiful is this? I promise I did it with toilet paper straight out of my bathroom.

One stop Shopping – toilet paper.

I do hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I have. Cindy and I love to craft and laugh, we did a lot of both doing this class. Join me on YouTube for my daily crafting fun. And if you find value in my videos, remember to subscribe and share with your crafting friends. 


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Looking forward to crafting with you again very soon.

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Playing with toilet paper and Wild Rose