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Christmas Countdown Alternative shows you several ways to make this Christmas project last all year round. Yes it is a great Christmas Advent Calendar, but what about other ways to use it. 

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Enjoy making this advent calendar with the children, then celebrate other occasion with the same projects.

Here are a few examples from some of my classes:

Susan wanted to have a way to help her students countdown the days til school was out.  She created the reverse side with a Spring theme. As a school teacher, she also has used it as a reward box. By placing small gifts, stickers or treats inside each box, her students loved being rewarded. 

Christmas Countdown Alternative

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See how one crafter made this box into a spring box to countdown to spring. 

Paula wanted a way to give out gifts at a birthday party for her 3 years old grandson. He loves stuff animals. Together we found stamp sets that would create the perfect box for his party. 

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This reversed side made a great party prize box. While the other side is a Christmas Countdown box.

 There is tons of different ways to use this box. All you need is a little imagination, paper and a few stamps.  I see it being used for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, anniversary and so much more.  Be sure to get your Christmas Countdown box before they sale out. Use the link below to order your supplies.

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Christmas Countdown Alternative