Designing Snow Top Mountain Air is easier than you might think. I love creating scenes using just ink and stamps. They always look so special. Like I painted it just for you. This one using the Mountain Air stamp set is perfect for this kind effect. 

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Come see how easy it is.


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Help! I need to craft with friends! Help me! 

We are all screaming that we want to go back to crafting with friends!  A RETREAT! Yes, Cindy and I have pulled together the ultimate retreat. One where you can enjoy being with friends and crafting without worrying about wearing a mask or being 6 feet apart. So we pulled together our friends and learn how to do a VIRTUAL RETREAT.  We will have Blue Jean live from the minute the retreat starts until it is over. (At no charge to you.) What that means is if your best friend is at her house and you are at your house, you both can chat with another friend over Blue Jean.  

Come Join us!!! for the ultimate Christmas Virtual Retreat! September 19 and 20, 2020

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Come see how all my friends and I get together to craft. Then join us at the ultimate Christmas Virtual Retreat.


Snow Top Mountain Air