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Pop Up Way to Goat Card, makes life more fun!  Pop Up Way to Goat Card, makes life more fun! When you receive a beautiful handmade cards in the mail, with Way to Goat inside. LOL You are going to laugh out loud. Careful, I might just make you smile as well. 


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Careful you might just find yourself laughing. Pretty on the outside, pop up fun on the inside. This is one of those cards that you look around your craft room and use whatever you have on hand. Like I used the Detail Banded dies to create the front. When I wanted to add more than just goats, I reached for the Someone Special stamp set.I had a ton of fun making these cards, enjoy the video, then show me your Way to Goat stamp set.

A simple box in the middle of the cards a quick and easy pop up card. Then add a “Z” fold to the center and all of a sudden you are springing into fun. 

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Just too cute and fun to make. But with great stamp sets like Way to Goat stamp set and Someone Special stamp set. Learn to make both.

Pop Up Way to Goat Card

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Pop Up Way to Goat Card