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I need to get back to crafting with my friends. A Christmas virtual retreat full of games, crafting, projects, contest and lots of laughs. Register for the fun now.

Do you feel like pulling your hair out? Or screaming to the top of your lungs? Would a Christmas Virtual Retreat with friends calm you down? But COVID19 has cancelled, postponed my crops and retreats. All those fun days with friends: Gone. 

We at Paper Crafts by Elaine, have a solution. What if you could spend 2 days crafting with friends and have all the perks and benefits of a retreat. What if there were games? Crafting Challenges? Contest? and Prizes? You are in the right place!!!!

Cindy and I have been holding retreats for about 3 years, (2 each year). We know what it takes to have a great retreat. Now we are going to do it Virtual!  Here is what we are up to!!!

Christmas Virtual Retreat

Sept 19 – 20, 2020

  • First, invite 2-3 friends to join you in your home for this virtual retreat. Perks for being the Hostess. Keep reading.
  • Next you and your friends will enjoy ordering $50 or more in Stampin’ Up product. As Hostess you will receive 10% of the order before tax and shipping in FREE Stampin’ Up Products. Every time we reach $1000 everyone will be in a drawing for $50.  Register Here
  • You will receive a Craft Fairy package for each paying customer. This package will have PDFs, bonus products, gifts and more. Plus one guest will win a door prize. (When there are 3 paying customers in the same location)
  • We will be broadcasting from BlueJean.com, (similar to Zoom, but holds more people and it’s at no cost to you) Classes will be created using the suggested bundles. However you and your paying quest will be able to see all the classes. 
  • Register Here


I need to be Crafting

Christmas Virtual  Retreat

Register Here

Small print rules: there always is one or two. 

1- To be in the Christmas Virtual Retreat you must place a $50 order with Elaine or Cindy.  Minimum order is $50. Everyone that order $150 will receive their own hostess reward of $20 Free Product. All orders are sent to the Hostess home for her to pass out the morning of the 19th. Each time our sales, before tax and shipping, reach $1000, an additional drawing for $50 in Free Stampin’ Up products will be made. Everyone, not just hostess, will be in this drawing.  

2- Keep a watch out for a Friday night opening party. That way we know everyone is in the right place and can connect to BlueJean.com.

3- Class are included at no extra charge, but it is recommended that someone in each group have the bundles to add to the fun. 


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