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Let’s CountDown to Christmas Plus… vacation, back to school, someone’s birthday, field trips, etc. I am willing to bet you have seen this great Advent Christmas Calendar, but have you really seen just how wonderful it can be. 

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Countdown to Christmas is just the first thing you can count down with this great project. Order today from PaperCraftsbyElaine.com

But t here is more than meets the eyes. There are 4 sides to these cute little boxes. And if you do not use dimensional you can use all 4 sides.  But just for fun, and my love of dimensional I have completed two sides.  Take a look!!

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Want a project to can use year round? Come and check out how you can use this advent calendar to countdown the day to your vacation, school starting, time at the beach …. and the list goes on.

With this set up you can countdown; days to your vacation, days at the beach, days til your cruise, etc. But it does not need to stop there. 

With  It Starts with Art Bundle   You can countdown the days till school starts, or ends. 

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Ribbon, pens, color, buttons, bows, bottles of paint and the list goes on. But this bundle is as versatile as it comes.

And it does not stop there!!  Countdown the days to taking the kids to the zoo with all our animals found throughout the annual catalog. Stamp sets like:

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What other way can you countdown with this great project kit? 

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