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Merry Christmas To All

I would love to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I am sure I do not say it often enough; so allow me to say thank you to all my wonderful customers, demonstrators, and crafty friends. I love having each an everyone one of you in my craft room, home and life. As this business grows, its you that has made it happen. This pass year has been an exciting, fun and a blessing. As we all go through growing pain, we have been there to make it work as any group of friends would do. 

As a tradition in my home, the weekend before Christmas is when all the cooking is done for the holidays. Sugar cookies, other assorted cookies, candies, Russia Tea and of course eggnog.  My husband, Wiley is the baker in our home. Anyone that comes to classes, crops or retreats knows that Wiley is awesome in the kitchen. So it is not surprising that he is in control when we start the Christmas cooking. I wrote a quick verse on the happening of this years Christmas cooking.

Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through the house was the smell of cookies and treat for everyone but the mouse. A ginger bread man jumps off the bar and onto the floor. No worry for him Panther bet him to the door. (gulp)

Christmas cooking fun,  Stampin' Up and family, greeting cards, online visiting with friends.

Wiley is busy in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas with friends and family

Christmas cooking, greeting cards li

Christmas Sugar Cookies hot from the oven. Panther is on standby just in case one jumps.

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas. 



Sharing Holiday with the family.

Christmas with the grandchildren, Christmas play, greeting cards for the holiday,

These Christmas cones were on the tables, the first time I saw them. But these crafty ladies thought they were better as hand gloves and hats. Go figure.

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My oldest 2 grandchildren were in the school play. They attend a small school so everyone is asked to participate

Katelyn and Grayson are our youngest two grandchildren. Not yet old enough for school, but very much in the Christmas spirit. Trimming the tree in their jammies.