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Sometimes you need to be more than just a Friend.

Friends are not something you should take likely. Cindy Lubbe is with me about everyday. We laugh, craft and share our lives together. When hard times hit, when my disease hands me a bad day it is always Cindy that is by my side. If God were to give us a chance to pick our sisters, I would have picked Cindy. Sometimes you need to be more than just a friend. That time came for Cindy this pass weekend. While she was on a visit to see her mom, her mother clasped and passed away. Cindy made two calls, one to her husband, Tom and one to me. Without thinking, I knew I needed to be with her in Arizona. Bags packed, airline reservation made and Tom and I were on the way to be with Cindy. 

So why am I telling you this? Well, Cindy and I meet through Stampin’ Up. Our passion for paper crafting, Stampin’ Up and creating brought us together.  We do classes, crops and retreats together. That’s how it all started, but it has grown to more than just friends. As her immediate family is small, and so is mine. Neither of us have siblings so God gave us each other. If you are sitting in your craft room alone, step out and reach for new friends. You never know how special that friend will be one day. 

This blog may be a little lacking over the next week or so, but Cindy will get everything she needs through this tough time in her life. When we go home, we will be together as more than just friends. We will add one more thing to our life experiences together. Cindy and I loved each other before, but we are growing more like sisters everyday. Then in July of 2019, you will see us smile together as we enjoy the Stampin’ Up incentive trip to the Greek Islands. I am sure we will bond even more as we celebrate our passion for crafting and new life experiences together.

In short, Stampin’ Up is more than just putting ink on paper. It puts lives together, in making the projects, sharing the project and the people that enjoy the hobby.  Cindy is only one of hundreds of great new friends I have made with Stampin’ Up. Chance are if you are reading this, you are another great friend. Thank you for all your support. 


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Jingle all the way 

Country Home 


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