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The new Holiday catalog brings so many wonderful ideas for fun Halloween treats.  You can create special treats for all the kids in your family or around your neighborhood.  I am so excited for these new products.  Additionally, you can see below some of the ideas Stampin’ Up! has released using their new products.  Making home made treats for my kids to take to school and give out on Halloween was always a favorite of mine because of all the smiles on those faces. 

Halloween Treats

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Enjoy easy to make cards and trick or treat gifts with Toils & Trouble. Goes on sale Sept 5th. Shop PaperCraftsbyElaine.com

Fun Halloween Treats
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No Stampin Tags: In a previous post I talked about making cards and tags without stamping. Here is another example. Also noticed how I used the witches on the side of the designer series paper. No waste here.

More Fun Halloween Treats

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Got to say the new Pick’em up tool is the bomb. I have always hated using sequins. They stick to my fingers, I can’t pick up the one I want, but not any more. Love how easy this NO stamp tags is using the pick it up tool from Stampin’ Up

Fun Halloween Treats would not be the same without a few witches hats. Tons of fun to make using the Pick it up tool, sequins go on so easy.

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Witches hats make Halloween fun. A wheel of hats makes them even more fun. Using the designer series paper and the die cuts, this project is finished in seconds.

No Halloween is complete without a few spiders. I adore these spider charms. These hang free and will move about the web. 

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Spider Charms are so cute on this card front. They will swing from the string attached giving them freedom to roam around the web.



A little about my family and Fun Halloween Treats and Tricks. 

I created a tradition at Halloween my boys still talk about. Every year I would do a witches brew. Hot ice in the kettle, lime Kool aid in a bowl, and a jar of flies (raisins) on a creepy table. I dress-up as a witch with a green face, long black hair and my witches dress. When the neighborhood kids came by I laughed my best witches laugh and said, “How many flies do you want?” Little boys made ugly faces and little girls hid behind mommy, but when mommy took her glass of potion their eyes got really big. I still do this for my grandkids and their friends. Good fun for everyone.

What kind of Halloween surprises to you like to create? 

Did you have a special tradition? 

Creating traditions makes memories that last forever so make yours last. 

I would love see your comments…..

Happy Scrapping, 


Enjoy this list of current Halloween products. Goes on Sale September 5th.

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