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Using Your Silicone Craft Sheet

In this Wacky Wednesday, we are going to take a look at a very versatile tool.  The Silicone Craft Sheet is something you are going to want to keep handy in your craft room.  While it’s great to have an array of tools for papercrafting, it’s also great to have tools that actually have more than one use.  Once you can utilitze a tool for various projects, it becomes that much more valuable.  So, let’s take a look at different ways to use the Silicone Mat. 

Versatile Tool

Below are a few different ways you can use your Silicone Craft Sheet.  I love to share ideas and techniques for tools because it helps us all to be better stampers and crafters.  If you ever have a question other ways to use tools, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m always happy to share information and brain storm together because there is always so much to see and do with our tools.

Let’s See How it Works

1- Great place to mix your Embossing Paste.  As you know, our Embossing Paste can be colored and to do this, you need a clean flat surface.  The Sillicone Craft Mat it the perfect area to mix your paste using one of our Stampin’ Ink refills. It is important that you have a non absorbent mat to mix your color and paste. This versatile tool can make all the difference. 

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2- Creating reverse or opposite images is another easy technique.  Therefore, you create a “miirror” image.  Simply stamp your first image on the Silicone Craft sheet and then lay it upside down on your cardstock.  Apply pressure and rub over the stamped image and lift the Silicone Craft Sheet.  Hence, you have a reverse image on your card stock with this versatile tool.

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3- Store the Silicone Craft Sheet in the Stamparatus, for extra lift.  Because you may need just a little more life on your Stamparatus, you can use the Silicone Craft Sheet.  It adds just the smallest amount of leverage needed for stamping close to the hinge.   Get your Stamparatus now

4- Prevent your projects from sticking to the wrong thing. While adhering small pieces together, it is painful for it to stick to something other than the right piece of paper.  Consequently, using the Silicone Craft Sheet can help stop this problem. Watch: 

Also, here is one more tip on adhering. (Opps forget to mention this one). When adhering small intricate cuts, place a little multi liquid adhesive on the silicone craft mat then using a sponge dab the adhesive on the intricate cut. 

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Don’t be afraid to put hot wax from a hot glue gun on the silicone craft mat and them place you pieces in the hot wax. Once it has cooled you can just pick  it up. Easy Peasy!!

5- Ready to watercolor?  You probably didn’t know you could use your silicone mat to put down your ink refill and mix with water. As a result, once you add the Aqua Painter into the mix, you can start making some beautiful watercolor projects.

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