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Color Revamp is Here

The new Ink Pad Design is one of the new and exciting things in the new catalog.  At this point, I know you have been able to browse through the new 30th Anniversary 2018-2019 Annual Catalog just released last week.  The new ink pad cases are trendy.  They have some great advantages to them. 

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2018-2019 Color Revamp. Love it, Live it, Share it

Ink Pad Design Specifics

The new cases are less confusing to open. It’s easier by just inserting your thumb in the “lip” at the front of the case and lift it to open.  That is easier on the hands.  There is also a tighter fit between the lid and the base. With the old design, the lid could disconnect from the case.  This could be frustrating.  That will not be a problem with the new design.  In addition, the lid is easier to slide open and close.  Taking storage and transporting into consideration, the new design allows the cases to be stackable.  There is a little dimple in each corner on the bottom of the cases.  Therefore, they are now easier to store and stack.  The cases still fit into the color caddy, just not as tightly as before. 

Larger color swatches on the cases add to the bold new ink pad design.  Color can be seen on all the cases more easily.  Also, there are labels included with the stamp pads.  They are able to be placed on the end of each case so you can easily identify your colors.   An inside sticker is also provided so everyone can quickly distinguish the ink’s color when the case is open.  These changes are a positive improvement to the design of the cases.  Once you get your new design cases, you will love them too.

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