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Scrapbooking is the best way to preserve all your memories for generation to come.

But finding scrapbook classes are almost impossible. So we buy too much “stuff”. Impulse shop for what we think we are going to need; and pretty soon, we are hoarder. Without every learning anything about how to scrapbook.
Well, I have been asked a hundred times to do a scrapbook. My thoughts are give a man a fish…. you feed him for the day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life. So I would rather teach you to scrapbook, so you can create your own memories.

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Here is how the class works? Each month I will be doing a new Scrapbook layout; 2 12 x 12, online. Included will be the instructions, a video, and tips and tricks to save you money. You will have full access to the pages for 12 months in an online Closed FB group.

You will pay only $25/monthly or you can order $25 in Stampin Up products from ElainePelletier.StampinUp.net. each month. Products will be shipped straight to you from Stampin Up. This is a 12 month obligation, after which time you can continue for as long as you order the minimum products.

There is MORE. Every time you order $50 in product you get to check off one block on our Customer Loyalty Program. When all the blocks are checked. You can choose $50 in FREE Stampin Up product. It’s like getting Double Credit.

Get out your trimmer……. Lets start Scrappin’

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