We are so excited to Announce the 
New Stampin Up Blends 
will go on SALE November 1st. 
Here is a sneak peak of what they look like and some general information. 
 This is all the 12 exclusive Stampin Up colors available. Most colors come in both light and dark shades, except Ivory and Bronze. Ivory and Bronze are skin tone colors. Now just in case you are not able to tell, I have my Blends in a Paper Pumpkin books with the front cut lower so I can see all the colors. 

Stampin Up is also offering a Project Kit to use with your Blends while you are learning how to use them. This kit is a great way to learn how to blend and see how different in dark and light colors. 

This kits offers you 16 cards, four of each. It also come with the envelopes, a stamp set, ink and embellishments.
Now, you know I like to change kits to better suit my style. I want to use most of the colors. After all, I wanted to see the color differences too. 

I love the matching envelopes with their gold trim. This is a must have kit.  Email me to get yours EARLY 
A little information about the markers. 
  • They should be stored laying flat, horizontal. 
  • Caps should be tight. You will here a click when the cap is on correctly. 
  • There is a brush tip on one end, and a fine tip on the other.
  • The brush tip end can be located on the end with the thicker line.
  • The fine tip end has a thinner line. See below.
  • Each color comes in a dark and light color. For example: The Pumpkin Pie markers shown above are both the same color only one is dark and the other light. 
  • The Ivory and Bronze only come in a single shade. Also the Color Lifter does not come in a color at all. It is also sold separate.  
  • You will be Happy to know that they can also be purchased as a set, which includes all the colors, Ivory, Bronze and the Color Lifter. 

A few examples 

They go on Sale Novemeber 1st.   Email me today 

I will be ordering a bulk order and kits at 12:01 MT. This is the soonest time they will be on sale. IF you order the full set your shipping will be FREE. FREE shipping is for advance order placed prior to November 1st.

Email me NOW