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 Christmas Shaker Cards
I love making Christmas Cards. Adding to that the fun of making shaker Christmas cards or adult/children coloring cards and I am in my crafting zone. Let’s look at some different ways we can make shaker cards. 
1– You will see this kind of shaker card everywhere. It’s easy with little per planning. The shaker part is in the front on top.

 In this card to shaker is raised on the card. No hole to punch. Just place the shaker section on top of your card. Easy!!


This one is easy too. First cut out the stocking in your top layer, then emboss. Now add your shaker section to the back side of the top layer. Only think left to do, is place it behind the cut out. 
2– This one needs a tiny bit more work. After making your shaker section, you place it on the inside of your card. There is one difference, to make the card fold smoothly. Score fold twice with about an 1/8 of an inch. This allows for the card to fold over the thick shaker section. 
 3– As you are getting better at your shaker card skills, this one will be easier. The shaker section in on the inside, but there is a hole so it will show through to the front. This one takes some lining up. Also remember since the shaker will be on the inside, you will need that 1/8 of an inch double score to make it fold smooth. Remember to take this in account when you cut your hole in the front of your card. 
Sending shaker cards are fun for everyone. The WOW factor from the receiver will bring smiles to everyone face as they shake the card to see snow falling, or hear the beads rolling. 
Enjoy making your shaker cards. 

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