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Thank you everyone for all the great responses to my Adult Coloring Book post. I will be happy to show you some other ways to enjoy adult coloring. Stamping the imagine, is only a small part of designing your own coloring pages. As previously stated it is important to use the right ink and marker combination.

I have designed a few coloring cards mounted and are complete, except for the actual coloring. Now I can mail my favorite card to to someone one that enjoys coloring. They can enjoy coloring their own card. In some situations, I send the uncolored card to a friend that likes to color with a posted note inside with the message. “A card that keeps on giving. Color this card and send it to another friend to enjoy.” Here is an example: 

As you can see the top cards are finished. It’s the unfinished ones I mail the my friends that love to color. 

Stampin Up offers lots of ideas for adult coloring. Come join me again as I use more of our new catalog stamps for coloring. You can make your own color cards too, come shop with me. 


 Thank you for your support.