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 Always have the RIGHT COLOR RIBBON

You are almost done with a great project, and then you realize…… you have no ribbon that matches. Don’t panic. As long has you have Stampin Up refills and white ribbon you can match your project perfectly. 


white ribbon
SU ink refill
zip lock bag
hair dryer
gloves (optional)
wire hanger
cloths pins

  1.  Cut the amount of white ribbon you are planning to dye. Remember the more ribbon you need to dye the more ink you are going to need. Let’s start with 24 inches of white ribbon.
  2. Place 15 drops of the ink refill color of your choice in the zip lock bag. Now spray water, about 3 full sprays, in the zip lock bag. Mix the water and ink together. 
  3. Place your ribbon in the back and seal it removing as much air as possible. Now just rub the bag with the ribbon until the ribbon is the color you want. If it is not dark enough add more ink. Add water, if it is too dark. 
  4.  Once you have the color you want, take the ribbon from the bag. Use gloves if you like. Pin the ribbon to a wire hanger. Using a hair dryer to dry the ribbon. 

 Dying your own ribbon is a great way to save money. I have bought several rolls of ribbon just to get home and they don’t match. Using Stampin Up products and colors this will never happen again. 

Bonus tip: Want to have something on the ribbon. No problem. Stamp the ribbon once it is dry with Staz On ink or you can use a water base ink, but know it may run. Now you can have your own custom designed ribbon.