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Straighten your Big Shot Plates

I simply adore by Big Shot, but it seems the plates always want to warp and has card stock trapped in the grooves. After trying what seems like everything under the sun, I finally found something that works. Thank you IMGUR. 

Check out this link: http://imgur.com/a/IqCTy 

To recap: We are going to cook our “B” plates.

  • I wrapped it in foil and put it in a Pyrex dish. (My “B” plate did not lay flat in the Pyrex dish. So I placed it with the warp part  up. This way as it cooks, it will flatten the “B” plate.)

  • Now place other heavy dishes on top. 

  • Then put the everything in the oven at 170C (325F or gas mark # 3) for 30
    minutes. I did check on it a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t
    burning. I could see it was getting flatter and flatter by the end of
    the 30 minutes.

  • I took everything out of the oven and left it to cool right down until it is cool enough to touch it without burning yourself. 

  • Now unwrap the foil and admire your flat “B” plate. Also you will see that the card stock trapped in the grooves can easily be wiped off. 

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