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Scrapping and Yappin with Bella
Either my craft room is getting smaller or I have too much help. Neither of which is true. My wonderful husband, Wiley, has built me a 1100 sq ft craft room, so it is not too small. As for help, I love having friends over to scrap and yap. But my best friend, never misses a chance to play in the craft room. Bella has her own tool kit, filled with ribbon, scrap paper and her favorite snacks. Most of the time it sits on the table, but when my tool come out to play, her’s does too. If I am busy stamping, Bella is too. It never fails I get ink on my fingers, so why would it surprise you that Bella gets ink on her paws. 
The questions is: Is she helping? Or just in the way? Love scrapping with my Bella.